Scraping away my righteousness

As I allow God to scrape off the shiny veneer of my own righteousness I am amazed of three things:

The brilliance that is allowed to shine out. Christ’s righteousness makes brighter Christians than any amount of my shinny good works can. Truly He (John 8:12) and we (Matt 5:14) are the light of the world.

The second amazing discovery is the beautiful shape, proportion and depth and color of God’s holiness. It is so much more than sinlessness. God’s holiness is an orderly appropriateness of essence that goes far beyond the abhorrence of sin… Had sin never existed God would be no less holy. When God said let there be light he expressed his holiness. (Gen 1:3)

A third is the tremendous power displayed by God in my life by not exercising his sovereign omnipotence in the scraping of myself. Although sovereign and omnipotent, He allows me to exercise free will by allowing (as if I were anything that could possibly be important enough to allow or disallow God in any way) Him to do the work only he can do. A man displays a great strength in keeping his temper in check. How much more strength is displayed by God exercising his omnipotent and sovereign holiness in alignment with my free will when I submit and surrender to God.

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