Pigs on Bahamas Postage Stamps

The Bahamas issued its first postage stamp on 10 Jun 1859, and was the first country to have an undersea post office, which operated from 16 Aug 1939 to 25 Jun 1942. The Bahamas has issued postage stamps featuring pigs twice. These stamps commemorate the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

16 Oct 1981 World Food Day

The first was Scott # 503 issued 16 Oct 1981 for World Food Day. The 50¢ stamp shows a few pigs in pens. The stamp is perforated 13×13½. It has a “Crown Agents” watermark.

50th anniversary of FAO

The second stamp was Scott # 835 issued 5 Sep 1995 for the 50th anniversary of FAO. It is a 15 cent stamp recognizing pig and poultry farming and depicts a group of pigs and a chick in a white egg shaped inset. This stamp has the same watermark as the previous stamp but is perforated 13½x13.

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