Pigs on USA postage stamps

The pigs that have shown up on United States Postage Stamps have been Chinese New Year or Fictional characters. The first occurrence wasn’t until 30 Dec 1994. By then many other nations had featured pigs on their stamps. The occasion was the Chinese New Year. The United States Postal Service had issued Chinese New Year stamps since the “Year of the Rooster” was issued 30 Dec 1992. This time it was the Boar’s turn.

Scott # 2876

Scott # 3895l

Scott # 3997l

This boar has shown up on three stamps: Scott # 2876 on 30 Dec 1994, Scott # 3895l on 6 Jan 2005, and Scott # 3997l on 29 Jan 2006.

Porky Pig closed the Looney Toons stamp series in the “That’s All Folks” issue of 1 Oct 2001 (Scott # 3534 & 3535) and Miss Piggy popped through Scott # 3944d on 28 Sep 2005. Finally Wilbur (Scott # 3988) from Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White and Olivia (Scott # 3993) from Olivia by Ian Falconer showed up on 10 Jan 2006.

Scott # 3944d

Scott # 3988

Scott # 3993
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