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US Federal Census Dates

It is important to use the official census dates when incorporating census information into genealogy records. Each census year is assigned an official date by the census agency. Enumerators are instructed to ask that answers to their questions be “as … Continue reading

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Of Bettas and Ducks

Baby betta’s are born into a nest of bubbles built by their father. The father guards the nest from danger and protects his young. When betta fry fall out of the nest the male gently gathers them in his mouth … Continue reading

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Our Olivia Book

Mommy got us this book. It’s the Olivia book. We like Olivia. She is funny. Daddy says he doesn’t know how to read this book, but Mommy sometimes reads it to us. Giuseppi says that learning other languages is good for … Continue reading

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The Art Institute of Chicago

We visited the Art Institute of Chicago last week. My wife always looks for “Vast Ocean” by Günther Uecker, one of her favorites. It’s a 3 dimensional abstract painting; you need to see it in 3D in order to appreciate … Continue reading

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Pigs on Afghanistan postage stamps

A year ago Khanzir was released from quarantine where he had been since 3 May 2009 as a result of H1N1 concerns. Khanzir has been labeled as “Afghanistan’s only known pig” and is a resident of the Kabul Zoo. The … Continue reading

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