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Current Book List

My wife and I have been reading the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and are currently about half-way through “In the Company of Cheerful Ladies” by Alexander McCall Smith. In preparing for a class I am getting ready to … Continue reading

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Ford in the Field 1

The Model T ford became a ubiquitous piece of machinery in rural America. The farmer had come to rely on horses, mules and oxen, but now a machine that costs a little more than a horse but has twenty times … Continue reading

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Language School Part 1

  The Move We went to language school in Texas. This is where a new life started. As with any birth there is pain with it, both for the mother and the baby. We had just driven what seemed like … Continue reading

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Pig N Ford Races

Today the 86th annual Pig-n-Ford races start at the Tillamook County Fair. More than 8 decades ago, a couple Oregon farmers were chasing a runaway pig in their model T Fords. They thought it would be a fun event for … Continue reading

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Ford Publicity Stunts

It took more than a good design, good business and a lot of hard work to push the lightweight model T into the top selling car position. It took a bit of showmanship also. Across the country the model T … Continue reading

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