Current Book List

My wife and I have been reading the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and are currently about half-way through “In the Company of Cheerful Ladies” by Alexander McCall Smith.

In preparing for a class I am getting ready to teach in our Bible Institute, I have been going through our textbook, “Reseña Crítica de una Introducción al Antiguo Testamento” (A survey of Old Testament introduction) by Gleason L. Archer.

I have been studying “Writing Life Stories” by Bill Roorbach to help me improve my writing skills. Some of the posts on this blog are exercises from the book.

I am just finishing “Judas: Los Hechos de los Apostatas” (Jude: the Acts of the Apostates) by S. Maxwell Coder today. We are going through the book of Jude in our Sunday school class.

In “Walking Like Jesus Did”, Larry E. McCall looks at different areas of the life of Christ and how the Christian life should follow Christ’s example.

But Not Forsaken” by Helen Good Brenneman is a fictional account of a Mennonite refugee family fleeing for their faith and freedom in 1940’s Europe.

The development of theological thought throughout the ages has interested me for some time, so “The Story of Christian Theology” by Roger E. Olson started as my theology book for 2010. I purchased the book at our bookstore and started reading it when another theology book came across my path and put this one on hold.

One of the new pastoral staff members of our church recommended and loaned “The Greatness of the Kingdom” by Alva J. McClain. I started reading in the appendix as the title “A Premillennial Philosophy of History” intrigued me.

Today I purchased two more books, although they will probably need to wait until my list clears up a bit. One is entitled “Diagrammatical Analysis” and was written by Lee L. Kantenwein. “Parts of speech are defined and diagrammatically illustrated in English, Greek and Hebrew. [from the back cover]. “The Hermeneutical Spiral” by Grant R. Osborne is the other book I am looking forward to reading.

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