Ford in the Field 1

The Model T ford became a ubiquitous piece of machinery in rural America. The farmer had come to rely on horses, mules and oxen, but now a machine that costs a little more than a horse but has twenty times the power is available across the land. This was especially practical across the Midwest. Large tracts of sod had just been broken, and the terrain meant little restriction for the nimble automobile. Model Ts where used for much work around the farm; plowing, lifting grain, sawing logs and hauling harvest, livestock or other goods.

The simplicity of the design and the ubiquity of parts meant it could be the base for tinkerers. My family was involved in the provision of useful model T customizations with the F. M. Goossen automatic end gate vehicle dumping body. The following model is at the Mennonite Heritage and Agricultural Museum.

F.M. Goossen Mfg. Company.
Hillsboro, Kansas
Patent model miniature dumping box for model T Ford Truck 1920.
For nearly a 100 years, when a patent was applied for in Washington D.C. It was necessary to accompany the application with an exact working model of the article on which a patent was desired. If the item was large it was necessary to furnish an exact miniature model. In addition to accompanying patent applications, these miniatures of truck boxes were also used in show rooms at the Ford Garages, Since the truck and the box were always sold as separate items, This miniature making it easier for the salesman to show the customer, from whom he sought order for the full size dumping box. About 90 dump boxes were sold, till Henry Ford quite building model T Fords.
By F.D.Goossen

Another one of the models, owned by a relative:

Model T Pulls A Disc Plow On A Farm In 1915 <- Link no longer works.

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