Pig N Ford Races

Today the 86th annual Pig-n-Ford races start at the Tillamook County Fair.

More than 8 decades ago, a couple Oregon farmers were chasing a runaway pig in their model T Fords. They thought it would be a fun event for their county fair so in 1925 the Pig-n-Ford races were born. That year 10 cars raced, and some of those cars, (although with different drivers) are still racing today.

Five cars sit on the starting line. Five twenty pound pigs sit in wooden crates. Five racers stand across the track from the pigs. When the gun sounds the racers sprint across the track to the crates and pick up a pig. Then they run to their car where they must hand crank their “Tin Lizzie” to start her while keeping hold of the pig. Once the car starts, jump aboard and hold onto your pig while you speed around the track. Upon completing a lap you must shut off the engine, place the pig back in the crate and grab another pig, return to your car, start it up again, hop in and make another lap. The first driver to make three laps without losing a pig or a Ford wins the race.

Elongated coin celebrates the Pig-n-Ford races.

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