A letter to my son

“It’s a boy,” announced Dr. Edmundson. Those words flooded me with joy. The Lord had given me my desire. A son! You, dear son, were the answer to my prayers.

I was the first of the four daughters born to your grandparents and although my sisters and I love each other dearly, I missed not having a brother. As an adolescent I once prayed, “Lord, if I have to have either all boys, or all girls, please give me all boys.” Your grandmother was one of three daughters and she had three brothers. That sounded like the ideal family equation to my young mind.

Early in my pregnancy, your father and I discussed names for our unborn child. If we would have a boy, we decided he should be named John David. John meas “God is gracious” and David means “Beloved One”. God is indeed gracious and He showed it in giving you to us, our beloved son.

You were the first of the three sons the Lord so graciously entrusted to our care. The girls didn’t arrive and although I would have liked to have had a daughter, I was content with my sons. I remember laughing and telling people that I would let my sons choose and bring home our daughters. Now I have my three sons and my three daughters – the ideal family equation.

Happy Birthday, dear John.



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  1. Lnda says:

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet letter from your mom. We love you, too!

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