Pope Shenouda III dies

Last night I read about the death of Pope Shenouda III. Normally I would not have taken much notice of news like that. But a couple books I have been reading have connections to this man, so it was something that caught my attention.

The first book is “The Story of Christian Theology” by Roger Olson. (I know, I have been taking my time getting through this one.) I have been reading about the issue of the nature/natures of Christ, (the decade of 450) and have been noticing a diverging between the church at Antioch and the church at Alexandria. Basically Antioch says Christ had one nature, and Alexandria is saying He had two natures. There is some word and definition wrangling going on in order to try to preserve unity, but I feel the Oriental Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church are about to split ways. In 1973 Shenouda III, Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, met with Pope Paul VI, Pope of Roman Catholic Church, to discuss their differences in Christology.

The second book is one entitled “The Spirituality of Fasting” and is written by Shenouda III himself.

My heart goes out to the suffering Christians in the middle east and I trust that changes in Egypt, both past and present will be for the Glory of God and the good of those who love Him. Romans 8:28.

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