Review: For Laci

For Laci
For Laci by Sharon Rocha
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I picked up “For Laci” at the library, intending to read it as my true crime book for 2012. However after reading the book I don’t think it should be classified as true crime. Having been so close to the victim, she was not in a position to see what was going on. She wasn’t there when the crime was committed and did not have knowledge about the direction or progress of the investigation. The book narrates the initial grief of a mother who has lost her daughter in a crime. I have mixed feelings about this book.

I found the book dull and not well thought through. Some passages just seemed to go on and on about how wonderful her daughter was and how much she misses her. The perspective of the author is very narrow. For example, she passes judgment on someone, and then a few chapters latter does the exact same thing herself.

I did find positive aspects also. The exercise of listening to a mother grieve was helpful to me. The book reminded me that we all have a way of seeing ourselves different than we really are. I was captivated by the responses different characters had to events and influences throughout the book, and I felt guilty at being so impatient with the author in her great loss.

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