1954 F. M. Goossen Reunion

On August 17, 1954, the descendants of the F.M. Goossens gathered in the Scott State Park for a time of fellowship and to renew our acquaintence with one another and also becoming acquainted with new members.

The following is the way the program was given:

Chairman – Levi Goossen

Prayer by Levi Goossen

History of Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Goossen by Frank Goossen

Here we were dismissed by prayer by John D. Goossen after which we enjoyed a delicious basket dinner, and the program was renewed.

Quartett – Paul, Eldon, Alva, & Levi singing accompanied by Mrs. Paul Goossen on the accordian “I want my Life to Tell for Jesus”.

Poem. Can you Count the Stars a Shining?” Ralph Goossen

Accordian Duet “Farther Along” by Susie and Alva Goossen

Devotional Message – James 1:1-12 by Paul Goossen

Sextet “Did you think to Prayer?” Luella, Sussie, Elva, Lorena, Margaret and Bernice, accompanied by Mrs. Paul Goossen and Alva Goossen on accordions.


Joe Goossen – Psalms 143:8 Testimony of God’s Call.

Walter Goossen – Challenging for Christian Service

Alvin Goossen – Psalms 8:4

C.D. Goossen

Duet “Jesus loves the little children”Gloria & Mildred Goossen.

John Goossen – God knows our address.

Dialogue – Levi and Luella Goossen, Ruth & George Unger

Duet – “From the manger to the cross” Mrs. Leona Saltzman and Levi Goossen accompanied on the guitar.

Quartet – “We are going down the valley” “Never grow Old”

$11.50 was collected
10.00 was paid for ice cream
$1.50 was given as a love gift to Joe and Elaine Goossen

Those Present – 49

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goossen and Levi

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Goossen

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Goossen, Susie, Alva and Elsie

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Goossen, Elva, Eldon, Maurice, Bonita and Marcus

Mr. & Mrs. Hein Goossen, Luella, Margaret, Bernice, Ezra, and Emory

Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Goossen, Vernon, Simon, Harold, Andrew, Othelia and Timothy

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Goossen, Gloria, Phylis, Mildred and Gerald

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Goossen

Mrs. Roland Saltzman

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Goossen and Dwight

Mr. & Mrs. George Unger


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